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Terms & Conditions

2023 MINIGIM Enrolment Agreement BETWEEN MINIGIM, Michelle Haasbroek t/a (hereinafter referred to as MiniGim) and the parent/ legal guardian of the attendee, and who is responsible for payment of the account (hereinafter referred to as The Responsible Person), who registers the child (hereinafter referred to as The Attendee), for enrolment in the Annual Regular MiniGim Class Program.


  1. MINIGIM reserves the right to refuse any applicant.

  2. The Responsible Person warrants his/her capacity and authority to register and enroll The Attendee to participate in MiniGim activities and that The Attendee is physically, medically, and mentally healthy and fit to participate in the activities.

  3. All fees and charges are payable in advance before attendance of any activities.

  4. Annual MiniGim member registration R275 is payable once a year before attendance of the 1st regular MiniGim class.

  5. The Annual MiniGim class fee of R4740 is payable in advance in 4 equal amounts of R1185-00 per semester by EFT on 15-30 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 September 2024 

  6. Any other entry fees/charges are payable in advance by EFT only.

  7. CANCELLATION : 7.1. The agreed method of cancellation is written email notice by the Responsible Person, 20 working days before the end of the new term. The full-semester payment is due and payable if notice is not received on/before these dates. No cancellation is accepted during a term. Fees already received by MiniGim are not refundable and no credit is given by MiniGim. 7.2. Non-payment of class fees due or non-attendance, does not automatically cancel the enrolment agreement.

  8. No credit is given for any non-attendance of classes or activities.

  9. The Attendee may attend the MiniGim regular class program only if The Attendee is enrolled and all fees and charges are paid up in advance and up to date.

  10. Some semesters may provide more classes than others. Some semesters may provide less classes than others. Public holidays and school holidays may fall within some months. However, the amount of class fees payable stays the same.

  11. The Attendee is enrolled to attend specific time slots on specific days approved of by The Director only. Any changes are subject to the approval of MiniGim.

  12. TM may adjust class times or cancel classes when circumstances require and will provide The Responsible Person with reasonable notice of such adjustments or changes or cancellations and with any scheduled catch-up classes available. The full amount of class fees remains due and payable.

  13. MiniGim is entitled to recover all cash deposit bank charges from The Responsible Person.

  14. Advance payment of all fees and charges (registration, affiliation, class, entry fees etc.) are required. No fees or charges are refundable, also in the event of cancellation of enrolment. Any credit amounts on the account of the responsible person can be redeemed by class attendance only.

  15. An additional amount of R 100 penalty may be charged by MiniGim for every late payment.  

  16. INFORMATION is provided by MiniGim by email/ SMS or WhatsApp. The Responsible Person must ensure communications are received.

  17. The Responsible Person and The Attendee and all visitors to MiniGim premises are bound by MiniGim notices, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures as communicated by MiniGim and shall adhere to all MiniGim directives regarding security, health and safety, code of conduct, dress, appearance, and behaviour.

  18. NO SPECTATORS are allowed at MiniGim classes. MiniGim may schedule spectator attendance dates (see calendar), subject to the applicable regulations. In such a case any parent, visitor or spectator attend at their own risk and MiniGim shall not be held liable for any claims relating to any loss or damage to property or any injuries, sickness, disability, death or otherwise incurred by any parent, spectator, or visitor.

  19. MiniGim may record photographs and videos of MiniGim activities. The Responsible Person consents to the use by MiniGim of such photographs or videos featuring The Attendee to promote and advertise MiniGim activities.

  20. Legal Costs: MiniGim may pursue any claim or remedy or take any action whatsoever available to MiniGim to recover fees and costs suffered by MiniGim due to non-payment. In the event of any dispute arising and relating to fees, including any legal procedures to recover fees, The Responsible person accepts costs as per client attorney scale.

  21. Waiver: MiniGim, its management, staff, authorized agents, and representatives are hereby indemnified, against any liability whatsoever (including any cost or expense and legal costs) relating to any accident, injury, illness, disease or death or damage to or loss of property that The Responsible Person or The Attendee may sustain because of or arising from attendance or participation at MiniGim classes and or activities.

  22. I knowingly and willingly consent for myself (and for my minor attendee, in my capacity as parent or legal guardian of the minor,) to attend MiniGim activities.

  23. By submitting the online registration form, The Responsible Person irrevocably and unconditionally binds him/herself to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

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