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Tumble Mania was founded in 1982 by husband and wife duo, Danie and Michelle Haasbroek

Since 1982 we have presented Tumbling Classes, Competitions, Workshops and Camps for gymnasts, coaches and adjudicators.

We are registered with the SAGF (South African Gymnastics Federation)


We have produced top local and international performers.

What is Tumbling?


Tumbling gymnastics consists of

  • Somersaulting

  • Flipping

  • Rolling

  • Arm supported re-directional techniques.


Competitive tumbling gymnastics is done on a dynamic track.

Tumblers perform consecutive elements without interruption or change of rhythm.

At international events, only feet and hands are allowed to touch the track.

The sport is governed by the Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG).

Tumble Mania stays in tune with international developments by attending FIG Academy courses and presenting workshops.

We have hosted top international gymnasts and coaches from the USA, Russia, France, Belgium and England at Tumble Mania events.

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